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Forgetting who we’ve been

Most probably, many of my neuroscience colleagues will deeply disagree with what I am about to write here. However, there is also a movement towards a paradigm shift around how we define the brain and/or its functionalities.

So, I guess this post is a humble contribution to the movement, the paradigm shift of how we understand the brain.

I have come to realize that if we continue to think about the brain and define it as it exists today in the text books, our deep questions will simply never be answered.

For the sake of this post, I am sharing two of my long standing fundamental (stupid) questions: 1) where exactly exactly is the memory and 2) what exactly exactly is information?

I double-write exactly because every time that I ask these questions, the answers that our current body of knowledge offers appear to only touch the surface. In other words, they fail to provide in-depth answers that would quench my thirst.

While spending years in the tangible world of science, simultaneously, I have also spent years in the untangible world of the art and spirituality.

To me, both worlds complement one another and have helped me build a more holistic experience, understanding, and knowledge of this world.

As a result, I believe that if we want to define the brain we need to look at it holistically and not just scientifically. I know… it sounds cliche. But hear me out!

Everything that we see, hear, touch, etc is made up of energy! I don’t believe anyone disagrees with that. Hence, the brain is made up of energy too. In fact, in labs, we measure things such as brainwaves, which does indicate the emanation of energy.

So, if the brain is all energy, can we assume that what we call the memory is also energy, waves, frequencies?

If so, then there is no such thing as the brain being the storage cabinet or somewhere we store files and files of so called information. In that case, there is no memory as we define it.

The brain, then, is simply a generator and receiver of these waves, i.e. it does not store anything but that it tunes itself into different waves of energy, which in turn have/carry different types of information.

This means that, at any point in time, we forget who we are because there is no real memory in the brain that makes us remember our name, gender, address, etc.

The brain, depending on the habits of the individual, tunes itself into the same frequencies, which in turn carry the same information. Hence, we remember things from the past.

The job of the individual, then, is to either stay with the usual and let the brain be the same receiver as before or, if change is needed, increase their awareness and through focus of the mind adjust the reception of the brain to different types of frequencies of energy.

The free-will, in this sense, will then be for the individual to shift the focus of the mind towards the types of frequencies of the will instead of going on autopilot. Wait… is this what they meant when they said “God [the creator] Wills it” ?

For fact, I tend to forget names and events easily when I move forward in my life. Knowing that there is no such thing as memory but shifting of brain reception of energy,

I now understand why I tend to forget names and events easily. It simply is because I am so focused at my life at the moment that I tune into that energy only. Meaning to say, I tune out of the old energy.

The topic of Information is another big question of mine… I will keep pondering until I figure it out.