Neuromatch Academy 2022: Giving back to a community of aspiring scholars

A conversation with the brilliant Dr. Peters on computational neuroscince, philosophy, Neuromatch Academy, and much more.

Also, a small funding is available for Neuromatch Academy 2022 tuition. This funding will be awarded to a couple of female students who cannot afford to pay the tuition. To apply, you must first be accepted at the Neuromatch Academy 2022.

The application deadlines can be found here: The conditions and details for this funding will be published soon. The funding applicants must still first apply and be accepted to the Neuromatch Academy 2022 in order to be eligible to apply for this funding. The tuition will be paid directly to the Neuromatch Academy 2022 for the awarded students. This is the first year for this foundation. I wish I could give more. It is my goal to increase the funding next year.

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