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Happy Father’s Day!

I miss my dad often..he comes to my dreams from time to time and we,silently, talk 😢He sacrificed his life for us to migrate to a safe country so that we could have a peaceful life. In the refugee camp, all alone as a kid, I made a promise that I will become a doctor and I would then help the world lol Little did I know back then the storms that were about to come 😉

My most vivid early memories of my father was when I went to his office and played with wires and boards. He was an electrician so he had all kinds of crazy wires in the office. I was fascinated with how these electronics worked but was too timid and polite to mess them up lol So I would just mimic the way in which my dad worked on the wires…

Then one time he came to my school to talk about his job. I think I was six or seven. He was explaining how we turn the power of water in the dams to electricity. I was shy to ask questions but just because it was my father I raised my hand and asked But how is electricity made? He kept repeating the motion of water on the propellers but I wanted to know how it actually went from water to electricity. Today, after ALL these years, I know I was asking about Power Generators, by Faraday Law/Disk but had no idea how to ask it back then. I guess my father answered me after all..

Then the normal life stuff happened and I became involved with all kinds of things, still searching for the meaning of everything. I read the Old Testament, the Bible, the Koran, Hinduism, Buddhism, Krishna Morty, Tesla, Einstein, Quantum Physics, Astrology, Newtons Law, Heisenburg, etc…

And they ALL pointed me back to my question: What is Life? What is Information and Knowledge? And all of what I had read AND researched in the lab pointed me towards the FREQUENCY OF LIFE! They all said the same . They all had the same origin. So who is white? Who is black? Who is brown? I don’t know. But I do know we are all ELECTRICITY and we don’t even really really know what electricity is.

Over the years, I’ve lived a double life. Too insecure to show the whole me at all times. So I would change based on the environment…but all the while ONE thing was constant. And that was my quest to discover Life. Today I know life, in its purest form, is in the electrical parts of our cells. That’s where the knowledge and the wisdom is. That’s the driver.. the invisible frequencies of life!

I have been silently under the radar working on generating electricity but still have long way to go also because I don’t want to get fundings because then they own you. Also I don’t want it to get too big because then they will shut you down. But I have learned a ton about the secrets of frequencies. And every time I do a video I want to share them but end up doing videos on a pressing event instead.

So today, with the power of the Solar Eclipse, I decided to write a little volume to share with anyone interested. In honor of Tesla,I’ll price Tesla’s magic numbers. I don’t anticipate many be interested but those who are can enjoy the ride.

As far as my invention goes, I have long ways to go but I am using the power of the frequencies of the Solar Eclipse to set forth the intention

Did you set any new intentions?