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Your Alpha brainwaves can potentially help you succeed!

Curious about your own brainwaves, what they mean, and how you can use them to lead a happy successful life? Watch my latest video and let me know what you think.



Gauge Emotions at the Neurological Level between your Customers and your Product

Can we seamlessly and inexpensively gauge and measure emotions at the neurological levels of our customers’ reactions towards our products? Short answer is Yes!

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eBook: The Advances of Wearable EEG Neuroheadsets in the Tech and Business Industries

It took almost 6 years but it is almost done! In my PhD dissertation, I have integrated and connected three disciplines: Neuroscience, Information Science, and Cognitive Psychology. I learned a ton during the 6-year journey and, as a result, have developed ways in which neuroscience can be integrated within other disciplines and industries.

My first eBook is launching shortly. It is an introductory book about “electroencephalography” or EEG, a monitoring technique used to record the electrical activities of the brain, and how industries may use it for a variety of non-medical applications. In particular, my research used the Emotiv EPOC, a wearable EEG neuroheadset.

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A quick introduction to my upcoming book.


Can you use neuroscience in your business?