Tips on EEG Data Processing Using EEGLAB on MatLab with EMOTIV EPOC neuroheadset

Based on my own issues using EMOTIV EPOC on EEGLab.. here are some tips and tricks. See this video just uploaded on my YouTube channel 👇

Also, I explore the future of AI in my channel. It’s inevitable for the future of AI (AGI & ASI) and Robotics to connect with human frequencies. We live in an era where we can help influence these technologies for the betterment of humanity 💗 #Eeg #brain #science #ai #agi #asi #mind

Giving back to the community…

New foundation to help underprivileged girls interested in brainwaves sciences anywhere around the globe. If you know of these communities please spread the word?

Brainwaves sciences are mostly underrated in the cog sci disciplines. Yet there’s a wealth of knowledge that can be discovered floating wirelessly around and on our brainwaves. I was an underprivileged girl myself and now I wanna encourage any girl who’s interested in helping make more discoveries in this field.

So I sold my home, gave away most of my belongings, downsized drastically, went all into #btc & #eth , put them in BlockFi & Celsius apps, now sharing part of that interest with the community & part of it to fund my post doctoral work.

Crazy? Yes that’s how much I believe in it! Bad hair day hence the hat. Don’t judge?👇🙈 #womensupportingwomen #science #technology #brainhealth #mindsetiseverything #crypto

Feeling scared, having no idea how things will pan out!

Leaving everything behind to rebuild the future.. but I’m scared and have no idea how it’ll pan out . Just sold everything and gave most of my belongings to those in need to fund my post doc projects independently.

Hear me out 👇😳 #womenempowerment #science #technology #nft #blockchain #dreams #goals #aspirations #legacy

Watch this space: NeuroBio waves in AI & Robotics

Anyone who wants to reinvent themselves, touch up on their skills, or is just looking for directions (newly grads?), watch this space for futuristic skills.

It’s inevitable for the machines of the future to connect with human brainwaves & biowaves. This is when machines will be extensions of the human body & brain.

Here’s how to start👇 Full YouTube:

Exploratory class #6: Machine learning & NeuroBio waves

While cognitive sciences have failed us to understand the human NeuroBio frequencies at a deeper level, technologies such as machine learning can not only help us dig deep into the meaning of our frequencies, but also help design the future of AI, as in AGI & ASI, machines as extensions of the human brain & body .

The future is in the waves of NeuroBio signals. In this video I talk about how most of body of knowledge is on the physical brain and cells and how there is an untapped wealth of knowledge to be discovered in the frequencies, as in brainwaves and cellular waves . That’s where all the communication among them inside and out happens.

The sciences have failed us by focusing all their attention primarily on the physical, the visible, as opposed to the invisible body.

However, this proposal is about how ML and AI will be able to help us 1) understand brain and cell waves through mass data and pattern recognition and 2) we can use that knowledge to help build machines as our extension.

See here for the full YouTube 👇