Monthly Archives: March 2021

Giving back to the community…

New foundation to help underprivileged girls interested in brainwaves sciences anywhere around the globe. If you know of these communities please spread the word?

Brainwaves sciences are mostly underrated in the cog sci disciplines. Yet there’s a wealth of knowledge that can be discovered floating wirelessly around and on our brainwaves. I was an underprivileged girl myself and now I wanna encourage any girl who’s interested in helping make more discoveries in this field.

So I sold my home, gave away most of my belongings, downsized drastically, went all into #btc & #eth , put them in BlockFi & Celsius apps, now sharing part of that interest with the community & part of it to fund my post doctoral work.

Crazy? Yes that’s how much I believe in it! Bad hair day hence the hat. Don’t judge?👇🙈 #womensupportingwomen #science #technology #brainhealth #mindsetiseverything #crypto