Exploratory class #6: Machine learning & NeuroBio waves

While cognitive sciences have failed us to understand the human NeuroBio frequencies at a deeper level, technologies such as machine learning can not only help us dig deep into the meaning of our frequencies, but also help design the future of AI, as in AGI & ASI, machines as extensions of the human brain & body .

The future is in the waves of NeuroBio signals. In this video I talk about how most of body of knowledge is on the physical brain and cells and how there is an untapped wealth of knowledge to be discovered in the frequencies, as in brainwaves and cellular waves . That’s where all the communication among them inside and out happens.

The sciences have failed us by focusing all their attention primarily on the physical, the visible, as opposed to the invisible body.

However, this proposal is about how ML and AI will be able to help us 1) understand brain and cell waves through mass data and pattern recognition and 2) we can use that knowledge to help build machines as our extension.

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How brainwaves have been totally underrated in sciences & why we should care

Exploratory episode #5:

Adding brainwaves & biowaves as additional data points in designing & developing future AI machines, as in AGI & ASI.

It’s inevitable for the brainwaves to be connected with the future of machines through wearables, temp tatooables, etc. Yet our current knowledge of brainwaves is still very limited. Hence, we need to pay much more attention to this topic and do more studies to help understand this ‘invisible’ brain more than ever!

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Neuro brainwaves datasets as CSV files in machine learning

There are simple ways to load datasets of brainwaves as well as bio feedback data onto programming languages, such as Python. In this exploratory class I briefly explain how we can load and call those datasets from wearables onto machine learning codes, and how these datasets could potentially shape designing and developing future AIs, AGI & ASI, and Robotics.

Full YouTube here: Exploratory class #4: Neuro datasets as CSV files in machine learning

Offering free exploratory classes of my award winning thesis. . Anyone curious about exploring ideas around brain waves and machines, brain machine interfaces, machines being an extension of the brain/body, etc see full videos on my YouTube, IGTV, Canvas, etc.

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The unique fingerprints of the human brain waves & cellular waves in designing devices as extensions of the human body

A thought is a series of electrical impulses. Human thoughts are, for the most part, repetitive. These repetitive electrical impulses emanate repetitive brainwaves (the invisible brain; the mind).

Studies have shown that Humans are emotional beings. Emotions (the visible brain; the matter) are part of the human repetitive thoughts. Hence, a thought cannot exists without the emotions.

These repetitive thoughts look then like a unique finger print, that include both the matter and the mind.

Having enough data points (brain & cellular waves data) we’ll be able to more accurately know the type of thoughts and ‘continuous’ emotions elicited at a time.

Using these data points when designing and developing AGI & ASI (or other future machines/devices) will be essential data to help the machines become an extension of the human mind, brain, and body.

I’m offering my award winning thesis as a series of exploratory classes on various platforms. Anyone curious about exploring ideas around brain waves and machines, brain machine interfaces, machines being an extension of the brain/body, etc see full videos on my YouTube, IGTV, Canvas, etc. 👇

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Happy Father’s Day!

I miss my dad often..he comes to my dreams from time to time and we,silently, talk 😢He sacrificed his life for us to migrate to a safe country so that we could have a peaceful life. In the refugee camp, all alone as a kid, I made a promise that I will become a doctor and I would then help the world lol Little did I know back then the storms that were about to come 😉

My most vivid early memories of my father was when I went to his office and played with wires and boards. He was an electrician so he had all kinds of crazy wires in the office. I was fascinated with how these electronics worked but was too timid and polite to mess them up lol So I would just mimic the way in which my dad worked on the wires…

Then one time he came to my school to talk about his job. I think I was six or seven. He was explaining how we turn the power of water in the dams to electricity. I was shy to ask questions but just because it was my father I raised my hand and asked But how is electricity made? He kept repeating the motion of water on the propellers but I wanted to know how it actually went from water to electricity. Today, after ALL these years, I know I was asking about Power Generators, by Faraday Law/Disk but had no idea how to ask it back then. I guess my father answered me after all..

Then the normal life stuff happened and I became involved with all kinds of things, still searching for the meaning of everything. I read the Old Testament, the Bible, the Koran, Hinduism, Buddhism, Krishna Morty, Tesla, Einstein, Quantum Physics, Astrology, Newtons Law, Heisenburg, etc…

And they ALL pointed me back to my question: What is Life? What is Information and Knowledge? And all of what I had read AND researched in the lab pointed me towards the FREQUENCY OF LIFE! They all said the same . They all had the same origin. So who is white? Who is black? Who is brown? I don’t know. But I do know we are all ELECTRICITY and we don’t even really really know what electricity is.

Over the years, I’ve lived a double life. Too insecure to show the whole me at all times. So I would change based on the environment…but all the while ONE thing was constant. And that was my quest to discover Life. Today I know life, in its purest form, is in the electrical parts of our cells. That’s where the knowledge and the wisdom is. That’s the driver.. the invisible frequencies of life!

I have been silently under the radar working on generating electricity but still have long way to go also because I don’t want to get fundings because then they own you. Also I don’t want it to get too big because then they will shut you down. But I have learned a ton about the secrets of frequencies. And every time I do a video I want to share them but end up doing videos on a pressing event instead.

So today, with the power of the Solar Eclipse, I decided to write a little volume to share with anyone interested. In honor of Tesla,I’ll price Tesla’s magic numbers. I don’t anticipate many be interested but those who are can enjoy the ride.

As far as my invention goes, I have long ways to go but I am using the power of the frequencies of the Solar Eclipse to set forth the intention

Did you set any new intentions?