My Doctoral Confirmation of Candidature

Two years into the program and I am having my confirmation of candidature seminar on August 7, 2013!! Both excited and anxious to be defending my confirmation for the school of Information Systems panel and advisory. Here is the abstract, if interested… 


Keywords: affective information retrieval, affective search, neuro-information science, web search performance, affective information behavior, EEG in information retrieval, emotional design


In the past decade, the affective component of information retrieval system design has increasingly become an essential part of research in information retrieval. Expressions such as “pleasurable engineering” or “emotional design” have become the driving factors in information design, where these expressions have also been extended to information retrieval system design (Nahl & Bilal, 2007). These emerging expressions indicate the important role of emotions in human-computer-interaction.

Information retrieval processes entail complicated cognitive processes. These sophisticated processes are composed of not only human cognitive processes but also human emotion responses (Picard, 2001) where these responses entail physiological as well as neurological reactions. In order to understand the role of affective responses in information retrieval, more specifically within search process, researchers need to investigate these interactions from multiple perspectives (Scherer, 2005).  However, our understanding of how emotions affect information retrieval, as revealed in search performance, is limited (Nahl & Bilal, 2007).

There is a gap in the current body of knowledge on the effect of physiological and neurological emotion responses on information retrieval, more specifically on web search processes and performance. This research aims to examine causal relationship, if any, between dimensions of human emotions and web search performance. Specifically, I intend to contribute to affective web search studies by applying emerging and cutting edge research technologies in the field of neuro-information science (Gwizdka, 2012)—such as electroencephalography (EEG)—thereby increasing our understanding of affective search and improving information systems design practices. By addressing this gap, I intend to make a significant contribution towards the specific fields of affective search and neuro-information science. 


4 responses to “My Doctoral Confirmation of Candidature

  • Ellen Phillips

    Hello, I heard your presentation today and I left the session before I had the chance to say how much I enjoyed it. It was really interesting and very thought provoking. I just started at SJSU for my MLIS, I hope to hear more about this area of research.

    • nilo

      Great to hear from you and great to hear that you enjoyed the presentation! I am excited to hear that you found the topic thought-provoking. Let’s keep in touch!

  • Ben A

    Hi Nilo,
    Fascinating subject that will eventually make you fill this gap by delving into human psyche that in a sense irrigates the physiological and neurological emotion responses. Even though one might get similar responses (Physio/Neuro) based on ones personality, but by tapping into ones “I” that dominates ones psyche; by understanding ones metadata gathered from the internet [blogs, communication, texts, face book, shares..etc.] , and in a sense reverse engineering it, one can better estimate the probability of ones reaction to a given scenario [like a biofeedback] and therefore a better web search.
    A challenging, but rewarding endeavor. Knowing you, this will also be achieved.
    With best wishes
    Ben A

    • nilo

      Ben, excellent points! I am going through a learning process and there is yet so much to explore and research. Your input sounds amazingly thorough, which gives me insights into things I had not thought of before. Thanks!

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