eBook: The Advances of Wearable EEG Neuroheadsets in the Tech and Business Industries

It took almost 6 years but it is almost done! In my PhD dissertation, I have integrated and connected three disciplines: Neuroscience, Information Science, and Cognitive Psychology. I learned a ton during the 6-year journey and, as a result, have developed ways in which neuroscience can be integrated within other disciplines and industries.

My first eBook is launching shortly. It is an introductory book about “electroencephalography” or EEG, a monitoring technique used to record the electrical activities of the brain, and how industries may use it for a variety of non-medical applications. In particular, my research used the Emotiv EPOC, a wearable EEG neuroheadset.

Those interested, do one or all of the following 🙂

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A quick introduction to my upcoming book.


Can you use neuroscience in your business?




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