The unique fingerprints of the human brain waves & cellular waves in designing devices as extensions of the human body

A thought is a series of electrical impulses. Human thoughts are, for the most part, repetitive. These repetitive electrical impulses emanate repetitive brainwaves (the invisible brain; the mind).

Studies have shown that Humans are emotional beings. Emotions (the visible brain; the matter) are part of the human repetitive thoughts. Hence, a thought cannot exists without the emotions.

These repetitive thoughts look then like a unique finger print, that include both the matter and the mind.

Having enough data points (brain & cellular waves data) we’ll be able to more accurately know the type of thoughts and ‘continuous’ emotions elicited at a time.

Using these data points when designing and developing AGI & ASI (or other future machines/devices) will be essential data to help the machines become an extension of the human mind, brain, and body.

I’m offering my award winning thesis as a series of exploratory classes on various platforms. Anyone curious about exploring ideas around brain waves and machines, brain machine interfaces, machines being an extension of the brain/body, etc see full videos on my YouTube, IGTV, Canvas, etc. 👇

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