Preorder book launched: Neural oscillations (EEG) analysis with EMOTIV EPOC & EEGLAB

Preorder launched a second book!! I’m overwhelmed by the support received from the @neuromatch students & #EEGLAB community who offered to help me improve the content & giving feedback. Preorder up on #Amazon. Release date July 23, 2021.

Summary of the book:

This eBook covers a step-by-step guide on the mechanics of setting up, collecting, processing, and visualizing raw EEG data (brainwaves) using Emotiv EPOC neuroheadset series with the EEGLAB MATLAB compiled environment open-source software. The step-by-step guide covered in this eBook covers the basic mechanics and is not about complex or one-off EEG cases.

This volume is ideal for people who want to get into EEG research, using Emotiv & EEGLAB, but do not know how to start. This guide should work well with all of the EPOC neuroheadset series; the EPOC, EPOC+, as well as EPOCx neuroheadsets. Whether you are a researcher, practitioner, or simply interested in the human brain, you will find it useful to study brainwaves primarily because brain frequencies tend to tell us how humans respond to stimuli at the neurological level.

EEG data (brain frequencies or brainwaves) has several benefits compared to other imaging techniques or pure behavioral observations. This volume is the type of step-by-step guide that I wished I had when I was doing my grad studies. If you are interested in human brainwaves and want to learn one particular way of collecting and analyzing raw brain frequencies (EEG data), this volume is for you!

By the end of this eBook, you will feel confident and uplifted enough to autonomously collect, analyze, and visualize raw brainwaves (EEG data). You will also feel confident to expand on the scope of this volume and showcase your EEG data analysis.


7 responses to “Preorder book launched: Neural oscillations (EEG) analysis with EMOTIV EPOC & EEGLAB

  • Ergun Gümüş

    Hi Nilo,
    I could not figure out how to DM you through Eeglablist. I have recently completed my dissertation research using Emotiv EPOC, testbench, and opensesame. I wish I had your book earlier, I had to discover everything by myself. Please reach me if you think I can be of your help.
    best regards
    Ergun Gümüş

  • Zhang_Runhua

    Hi, Nilo.
    I am a post-graduate from China, recently i collected raw eeg data by using Emotiv Epoc+, but i don’t know how to analyze the data, i really want to read your amazing book. But Amazon services are not available in China. I don’t know how to get your ebook 😦 Could you please send a PDF version to me by E-mail? And I could pay for it using my friend’s Paypal(PayPal is not available in China, either). Or, maybe is there any solutions?

    • Nilo

      Hi Runhua , sorry to miss this comment. I just saw this but I think I already responded to your direct email? Hope everything works out. Thanks!

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