Emotional research & design

I started the ground work around neuroscience, emotions, and user experience back in 2005 at Stanford University. “Emotional design” and “pleasurable engineering” are factors that we need to take into account when developing/studying products. Below is a short excerpt from my dissertation:

“Research communities have detected how human emotions played a significant role in human-computer-interaction. Expressions such as pleasurable engineering or emotional design became driving factors in system design, and these factors were extended to information retrieval system design (Nahl & Bilal, 2007).

This trend indicates the important role of emotions in human-computer-interaction, highlighting the importance of including the affective dimension when designing information retrieval systems. However, our understanding of how emotions influence search processes, as revealed in search performance (search effectiveness and search efficiency) is limited (Nahl & Bilal, 2007).

As a result, the emotion-oriented approach has become more prominent, with researchers realizing the potential effects of user affective dimensions on information retrieval processes (Sarraf, 2015).”



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