Striving to build AI/Robotics machines with higher level of reasoning? Kiss the traditional neuroscience goodbye!

Years ago I gave several talks on this topic but had to take a break in order to focus on the (traditional) Phd thesis. Now that it is all done, I am happy to resume work on my stance in ‘the integration of the traditional neuroscience and the non-traditional brain theories’… for reasons that I will try to articulate here.

For thousands of years, the theory of quantum consciousness has been discussed, explained, and explored by ancient spiritual traditions. Two of my all-time favorite modern scientists Karl Pribram and David Bohm positioned this theory further such that it would be understood and recognized by the (western) world. Regardless of the origin of the theory, it is utterly important to focus on the message that it strives to articulate.

While our traditional neuroscience does every effort in (what I call) bucketize the brain into bits and pieces (e.g. hippocampus does this and that), the quantum theory observes the brain as a holistic state of being, with consciousness, communicating through frequencies of quantum particles and energy.

If we believe that everything is made up of particles, along with frequencies floating in space that we interpret into things, then our traditional way of defining the brain falls apart. Quite frankly, I am not even sure how sure we are of the way in which we are trying to explain brain’s structures and functions.

For example, some of my oldest questions, have never been explained by the traditional neuroscientists: “What is information at the neurological, physical, tangible form? Where in the brain is information? What does information look like within the neurons?”

To my knowledge, and since I have asked these of many experts, no one seems to have a solid answer. Yet, everything that we do, see, chew, touch, hear, etc. can be categorized as information. In other words, the very thing that we are all made up of, we have no clear knowledge about.

I have strongly come to see that the value that the non-traditional neuroscience theories, such as the quantum brain theory, brings in helping us answer our unanswered questions is enormous.

In short, I have come to realize that there is no ‘this or that’. It is both!

While there are opponents and proponents to both disciplines, I claim that we need both. On one hand, we need the mechanical way of the traditional neuroscience of bucketizing the brain. On the other hand, we need the holistic quantum way of the modern (non-traditional) neuroscience of the quantum mind theories.

This way of approaching neuroscience, in turn, will come in handy with the strives that companies such as Deep Mind are creating in the fields of, not only AI, but also in robotics, neural networks, etc.

My own work, moving forward, now that I am free to branch out to the non-traditional disciplines, will consist of such integration. We need both. Instead of fighting over who is right, who said what first, etc. my focus will be on integrating, expanding, and creating based on holistic approach because frankly we need all the help we can get to figure this thing out!


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